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Code Dx automates the arduous workflows needed to centralize finding, analyzing and fixing security vulnerabilities across disparate security tools—at DevOps speed. Code Dx orchestrates scan automation, automates triage & prioritizes tracking & remediation of vulnerabilities. It does this while continuously assessing the security risks across the entire software lifecycle. The Code Dx-Secure Code Warrior integration allows developers and security team to view just-in-time, context specific micro courses for the issue at hand and offer ways to reduce the possibility of recurrence in the future.

“Code Dx promotes innovation through software development. By aggregating and prioritizing results from all your security tools, we can ensure that security doesn’t impair the speed of innovation and slow down progress” said Utsav Sanghani, Director of Product Management.

“Oftentimes, there are thousands of results in a project and there’s no way for security to triage all of them while keeping up with the speed of DevOps. The Code Dx platform effectively solves that problem. While fixing problems is critical, preventing coding errors that result in vulnerabilities can only be addressed through consistent, integrated contextual training offered by organizations like Secure Code Warrior”